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Li2Y2YCY 2x1,5 mm2 cable is intended for industrial computer systems.

Low capacitance between conductors is a distinctive feature of the cable.

For proper transmission of digital and analogue signals the cable is protected by a specially designed and highly effective collective shield against external electromagnetic interferences.

The cable is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations connecting fixed and movable equipment.

Cable outer sheath is oil-resistant.


- flexible, multiwire conductors, stranded of bare annealed copper wires, cross-section 1.5 mm2,

- polyethylene (PE) insulation - identification colour code: natural, brown,

- two insulated conductors twisted into a pair which is a cable core,

- cable core wrapped in polyester tape,

- inner PE sheath,

- tinned copper wire braid shield of coverage bigger than 80%,

- cold resistant PVC cable sheath, coloured according to customer’s requirement.


Operating voltage

Voltage test

Insulation resistance, minimum

DC loop resistance at 20°C, maximum

Mutual capacitance at 1 kHz

Inductance, approximate

150 V

1000 V rms

10 GΩ·km

26.6 W/km

<=52 nF/km

750 mH/km

Operating temperature range:

Minimum bending radius

Cable combustibility

Combustibility tests


from - 40 to + 70°C

10 x cable diameter

flame retardant

PN-EN 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-1-2


The cable meets requirements of the low voltage directive 2014/35/EU

TECHNOKABEL S.A. reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.