"Conflict Minerals" policy of TECHNOKABEL SA


TECHNOKABEL SA, a manufacturer of cables and wires for all applications, conducts its activities with the highest respect for ethics and responsibility in business. In our activities, we make every effort to ensure that all raw materials and components used in our production processes come only from reliable sources that do not come from areas subject to international restrictions, armed conflicts or known for systematic violations of international law, including violations of human rights.

In the technological process of production of some cables, we use copper wires covered with a layer of tin, which is one of the materials specified in the Regulation of the European Union No. 2017/821 as the so-called "blood minerals". For this reason, taking care to maintain the above rules in the supply chain, TECHNOKABEL SA requires from its suppliers of tinned wires statements on the origin of the tin used to cover them. On the basis of information obtained from suppliers, TECHNOKABEL SA prepares a CMRT report, in which shows the origin of this material in the produced cables and makes it available to its customers on request.

TECHNOKABEL SA declares that it will not cooperate with suppliers of materials or other components used in its supply chain from companies operating in a manner inconsistent with this policy.


Managing Board of TECHNOKABEL SA


 Policy Conflict Minerals

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