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TECHNOKABEL S.A. is innovative, opened to new challenges company operating in various areas of the cable market continuing extending of product portfolio by custom products designated for application in most difficult conditions. Very often happens that particular technical solutions require application of cables with special construction for demanding tasks and showing specific and unique properties. Following aspects are being taken into account for proper designing of cables according to specific demand of Customer:

Increased scope of operating temperatures.
Realised by using suitable materials (compounds). Cables produced by TECHNOKABEL S.A. can operate in environmental temperatures in the scope from -60˚C to +200˚C.

Increased mechanical durability.
Realised by reinforced jackets and shields, application of special compounds, implementing of strengthening elements into cable, cable armouring by steel wires braiding, armouring by galvanized steel tapes or wires.

Increased chemical resistance.
Realized by application of insulations, jackets and shields produced of special compound with higher chemical resistance. Amongst TECHNOKABEL S.A. products one can find cables resistant against oils, petroleum-derived substances, straight and aromatic hydrocarbons, acids, alkalines ...

Resistance to environmental conditions.
Realized by application of compounds resistant to UV radiation and microbiological action, also by adding appropriate solutions against water crosswise and longitudinal penetration of cables.

Increased fire resistance.
Mainly realized by appropriate cable construction and application of special fire resistant materials with increased incombustibility.

Reduced emission of smokes.
Realized by application of compounds emitting the reduced number of smokes as well as poisoning and corrosion substances in fire.

Halogen-free property.
Realized by application of halogen-free compounds with increased incombustibility (HFFR, LSZH).

Transmitting various signals and electromagnetic compatibility.
Realized by hybrid cable constructions with different electric paths (wire, pair and triple) and different cross sections of wires in one cable, applying screens on bundles and cable core as well as adding multilayer screens with high effectiveness of interferences reduction.

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