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EGSF and EGFA instrumentation cables are intended for control and instrumentation circuits, for signal, monitoring and data processing systems and for analogue or digital data transmission, all in industrial electronics applications, allowing particularly for conditions met in chemical, petrochemical and paper industries.

The cables are protected by an overall electrostatic shield against external electric interferences.

Steel tape armour in EGFA cables offers enhanced protection against mechanical damages and rodent attack.

The cables can also be used for power supply to small auxiliary devices on condition that current-carrying capacity limit (see our Technical Guide) is not exceeded.

The cables are suitable for fixed indoor and outdoor installations.

Sheathing PVC of high oxygen index is UV radiation and weather resistant, is self-extinguishing and flame retardant. The cables pass combustibility test according to PN-EN 60332-3 standard.

The cables are oil-resistant and offer enhanced resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons.


- bare annealed copper wire conductors,

              05 – 0.50 mm2 (1x0.8 mm),

              09 – 0.88 mm2 (7x0.4 mm)

              15 – 1.50 mm2 (7x0.52 mm),

- heat resistant PVC insulation,

- insulated conductors twisted into:

              pairs IP          - colour code: white and red insulation and pair number printed on it,

              triads IT         - colour code: white, red and blue insulation and triad number printed on it,

              quads IQ        - colour code: white, red, blue and yellow insulation for identification,

- pairs, triads or quads laid-up in layers,

- cable core wrapped in polyester tape,

- overall electrostatic shield incorporating aluminium-polyester tape and stranded annealed tinned copper drain wire, cross-section 0.22 mm2 (7x0.2 mm),

- special PVC cable sheath, blue (RAL 5012), other colours also available,

- steel tape armour for EGFA cable,

- special PVC cable covering, blue (RAL 5012), other colours also available.


DC loop resistance at 20°C, maximum:

      0.50 mm2 conductor                     75.0 Ω/km

      0.88 mm2 conductor                     42.8 Ω/km

      1.50 mm2 conductor                     24.2 Ω/km

Resistance unbalance, maximum:

      0.50 mm2 conductor                     1.120 Ω/km

      0.88 mm2 conductor                     1.070 Ω/km

      1.50 mm2 conductor                     0.605 Ω/km

      conductor/conductor                    1500 V rms

      conductor/screen                         1000 V rms

Operating voltage Uo/U    300/300 V

Voltage test

conductor/conductor    1500 V rms

conductor/screen    1000 V rms

Insulation resistance, minimum     500 MΩ·km

Mutual capacitance, max (this value may be 30% higher for one pair or triad):

      0.50 mm2 conductor                     145 nF/km

      0.88 mm2 conductor                     160 nF/km

      1.50 mm2 conductor                     150 nF/km

Operating temperature range
      during operation                    from - 30 to + 90°C
      during installation                   from   - 5 to + 70°C

Minimum bending radius              15 x cable diameter

Resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons           NF M 87-202 Annex A

Oil resistance                               PN-EN 60811-404

Cable combustibility                     flame retardant

Combustibility tests                      PN-EN 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-1-2

Reference standards                    NF M 87-202

The cable meets requirements of the low voltage directive 2014/35/EU

Other cross-sections and pair, triad or quad counts available on request.

TECHNOKABEL S.A. reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.