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TECHNOTRONIK LiY(St)-CY  are multipair, pair and overall shielded control cables intended for control and instrumentation circuits, for signal, monitoring and data processing systems and for analogue or digital data transmission, all for industrial electronic applications.

Shielded pair structure substantially decreases mutual influence between signals transmitted along the cable.

To achieve high analogue or digital data transmission performance the cable is protected against external electromagnetic interferences by an overall shield.

The cables are suitable for indoor installations connecting fixed and movable equipment.

Cable outer sheath is oil-resistant.


- flexible, multiwire conductors, stranded of bare annealed copper wires (7x0.2 mm),

- PVC insulation - identification colour code in accordance with DIN VDE 47100,

- insulated conductors twisted into pairs,

- electrostatic shield of pairs incorporating a plastic laminated metal foil,

- shielded pairs laid-up in layers,

- tinned copper wire braid shield of effective density coverage,

- PVC cable sheath, grey RAL 7001, other colours also available.


TECHNOTRONIK LiY(St)-CY-O - cables designed for frequent contact with petroleum products, as in petrol stations and stores, where engine fuels and lubricants are pumped or handled. The cable sheath is then made of special PVC compound meeting oil resistance requirements of Polish standard PN-EN 60811-404.

TECHNOTRONIK LiY(St)-C11Y - polyurethane sheathed cables of enhanced protection against mechanical damage, particularly to abrasion and tear, also resistant to oils, petrol, bacteria and ultraviolet radiation.



Operating voltage Uo/U

Voltage test

DC loop resistance at 20°C, maximum

Mutual capacitance at 1 kHz, approximate

Insulation resistance, minimum

Inductance, approximate

Impedance, approximate

300/300 V

1.2 kV rms

184 Ω/km

160 nF/km

20 MΩ·km

0.7 mH/km

80 Ω

Operating temperature range

      for fixed installation

      for movable installation

Minimum bending radius

Cable combustibility

Combustibility tests

Reference standards


from - 30 to + 80°C

from   - 5 to + 70°C

10 x cable diameter

flame retardant

PN-EN 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-1-2

DIN VDE 0812, DIN VDE 0814

the cable meets requirements of the low voltage directive 2014/35/EU

Other cross-sections and pair counts available on request.

TECHNOKABEL S.A. reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.